the small business server you need at a price you can afford

how do you sleep at night?

If your business depends on the data it generates (and what business doesn't?) then a server is a requirement for you.

Servers do much more these days than just push out data to your work-stations.  They handle your local data back-up as well as provide on-line disaster recovery and emergency recovery to your workstations and also, manage remote work connections to you or your employee's whether at home or in a motel in the middle of somewhere.

Protecting your data

With Storage Spaces, Self-healing capabilities and Parity Space, you can sleep assured your data is safe from damage due to power outages or failed disks

eliminating extended down time

Every server we make includes a nightly internal image backup of your servers operating system and programs to make getting back up and running a 15 minute proposition even in the event of a total operating system failure. Other backup services are available.

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