email hosting

email hosting with small business' in mind

When you need email services for your small business and you need local support - not some 800 number - or worse yet; email support!!  We have you covered.

We've never figured out why the big guys never want to talk to their small business customers - we love to talk to our customers and in fact we pride our-selves on having a real person answer our phones - NOT a machine.

1 address to a 100.  We can help.  All of our accounts come with the following - STANDARD!

  • Secure access through portal
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • 30-GB storage per email account
  • NO Ads or commercials (or unsolicited email - that means SPAM!)
  • yourname@your-domain support
  • Full web access or POP or IMAP
  • Mobile web interface
  • Telephone support (during normal business hours)
  • File storage
  • Plus addressing
  • SPAM filtering
  • Virus protection
  • Secure Chat (to people in your domain)
  • Calendar sharing
  • Outlook syncing
  • Task List
  • Notes

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