Who we are . . .

One day our owner and founder, Steve Belsha, visited a local computer shop to buy a power supply for his home computer. Steve was at the time, a guy in the Air Force, with about 20-years of computer knowledge under his belt. The computer service tech behind the counter made him feel like a fool for asking the questions he did. What happened that day caused him to say to himself "There has to be a better way".

In 1999, that better way became Abilene Computer Service. A company dedicated to providing our customers the best in service and technical advice. Our focus then and now is to be the best customer focused company in Abilene and the Big Country. We exist to answer your questions and receive unbiased, polite and technically correct answers to your technology needs. We will not laugh at you or cause you to feel embarrassed because of your lack of technical vocabulary.

We have since grown to be a full service computer service providing store-front computer and parts sales, computer repair services, contract IT services, technical support and cloud-based solutions, including remote desktop repair services, web hosting, domain name registration, Email Hosting, On-Line Auction, On-Line Sales and related products and services, to businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations in Abilene and the Big Country.

We always know where our paycheck comes from and we appriciate your continued support. Because, at Abilene Computer Service - We know you have a choice!