our mission statement

who we are and why we do what we do

Abilene Computer Service is your home-town computer repair shop dedicated to you and your equipment.

We began in 1999 as a customer oriented service shop and have never forgotten our reason for being. We believe in the following statements:

  • We shall always hold our-selves to the highest standards of customer service.
  • We shall always treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve.
  • We shall always strive to provide you with the best customer service you will find in Abilene, Texas (or anywhere else for that matter).
  • We will always provide the best value in computer repair. If we don't we will match our competitors price*.
  • We will continue to "hold your hand" through the maze of technology available - today and tomorrow!
  • We never charge for advice or questions - Call us - we want to help!

    Our commitment to you and your technology needs has always been our focus and always will. That is why our motto is: Technology Services for the home and small business

    * We don't want to be too lawyerly here, but we can't match your brother-in-law or the high-school kid down the street, but we will match prices of labor and services for computer service companies that actually have a place of business (not out of the home or garage)and you can produce an estimate of repair from.